When in France…

By: bienesrobados

Jul 29 2010

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D700

For an American in France, eating escargot is one of those things you tell yourself you’ll do and enjoy.  “Sure,” you say, “of course I’ll try escargot.  After all this is France.  They eat snails all the time here, practically by the pail-full.  I’m sure they know how to make them taste good.”  Still, in the back of your mind you can’t help but think of the snail sliming it’s way down your throat as you gag and choke it down while the french cook watches, his eyes blazing, hands resting on his slime stained apron.  “Cinq autres!” he roars as you finish the first, his mouth twisted in a grimace of distain.

Many restaurants serve escargot oyster fashion by the half or full dozen which is a bit intimidating for the virgin escargot eater so when we saw escargot pizza on the menu at the village restaurant we were excited.  The escargot itself was light, salty, and just a tad chewy.  In fact it was, dare I say it, a bit like chicken.

One comment on “When in France…”

  1. we loved this…great picture and description!

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