Life in the jet stream

By: bienesrobados

Jul 05 2010

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“I’ve spent my whole life getting it wrong”, so go the words of the country song on the airplane radio.  At 30,000 plus feet, cruising over the Atlantic I’m sitting, no, reclining in a plush business class seat and I’m thinking of all the hours I’ve spent in cramped coach class seating, the quick moments of envy entering the plane and walking towards the back, past the lavish first and business class seats, filled with plump business men and women in slacks and button ups, skirts and hose, already sipping champagne as the rest of us poor sops board, lugging our oversize carry ons to our seats.   Perhaps I too have spent my whole life getting it wrong—all these years I should have been flying business class getting served warm nuts, champagne, cabernet, smoked salmon and salad, pork roast with potatoes and bread rolls.

My seat fully reclined, I’ve activated the rolling back massage and I’m going to close my eyes and drift off to the sweet sounds of the new age audio channel…

I awake and we’re floating in the dark, like undigested organisms in the belly of some great prehistoric predator, cruising through the sky on wings of fire.  When I close my eyes I can feel the rumble of our passage and despite the comfort of my seat and the sculpted plastic and steel walls of the plane I feel a sense of fragility, as though the atmosphere swirling outside the plane might suddenly burst through the windows and rush in, leaving us grasping for oxygen masks.  I open my eyes and the feeling passes, the stewardess fills my wine glass, and life in the jet stream is good.

3 comments on “Life in the jet stream”

  1. ha ha… That is awesome! I’m so jealous you guys got business class. A great start to your trip!

  2. So I guess this means you’re on the road again. And with lines like “undigested organisms in the belly of some great prehistoric predator,” I hope this also means you’ll be blogging it.

    Stoked to follow along!

    • Yeah. Traveling with a netbook this time so I’ll have time to write. My uncle works for an airline so we flew standby and got biz class for $150 each!

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